Best CBD Oil for Pain

Best CBD Oil for Pain

by in CBD Oil January 14, 2019

The use of hemp products for pain relief is one of their most scientifically and culturally profound uses. Pain relief through cannabinoids is one of the proprietary reasons for the legalization of medical marijuana. This is due to both the efficacy and comparatively safe nature of the drug, particularly when compared to the highly dangerous yet mainstream pain relief medications derived from opioids.

This article will provide an overview of the effectiveness of CBD oil for chronic pain conditions and explore the benefits of its use over alternate methods.

The US painkiller crisis

The US is experiencing an epidemic characterized by increasing death from the frequent prescribing of opioid medications, as well as their non-prescriptive use. Such widespread distribution is both the result of necessary and unnecessary prescriptions.

In 2017, opioids were the cause of 49,000 out 72,000 total drug overdoses in the US. The recent skyrocketing of their use over the past 20 years has led to drug overdoses being the leading cause of death in the US in under 50-year-olds. Different opioids, particularly synthetic versions, are contributing to this crisis, with the most prominent including:

  • Oxycodone (OxyContin)
  • Hydrocodone (Vicodin)
  • Fentanyl
  • Tramadol
  • Morphine
  • Heroin

The causes of the epidemic come from both the black market and prescribed use, with some overlap. Opioid abuse has been around for decades, but the recent surge of painkiller abuse is stemmed from opioid prescription practices.

Users take their prescribed drugs which leads to a cycle of abuse and addiction which lead to clinical addiction, tolerance buildup and the need for the user to have more of the opiate to prevent withdrawal. Beyond being used as a painkiller, a culture of using pills to solve any problem has emerged.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, opioid prescriptions peaked at 255,207,954 in 2012. This is a rate of 81.3 per 100 persons, a ridiculously high rate. This has been reduced to 191,218,272 total with a 58.7 rate per 100 persons in 2017.

Regardless, safe alternatives are needed.

CBD Oil Pain Relief Benefits

Cannabinoids are highly effective at managing pain in some patients with certain disorders. Opioids undoubtedly have a place in many medical situations, as they are by the far the strongest painkillers available to us. However, in some conditions such as back and joint pain, non-opioids are as effective.

CBD oil has many studies backing up its ability to effectively reduce pain for individuals with a range of conditions. Here is a quick list of the studies supporting the ability of CBD oil to relieve neuropathic pain:

  1. This study (2008) reviewing recent research on cannabinoids effect on pain conditions found that Sativex treated neuropathic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer pain.
  2. Another study (2007) found that cannabinoids in cannabidiol/THC buccal spray were effective at treating neuropathic pain caused by Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
  3. A study (2007) on rats found that oral CBD reduced chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain.
  4. Another study (2007) measured several health markers in patients with MS as well as neuropathic pain. Both THC/CBD to be both safe and efficacious with no evidence of tolerance building
  5. The mechanism for neuropathic pain reduction was found to be mediated by cannabinoids interaction with α3 glycine receptors (study 2012)

The CBD-neuropathic pain relief connection is becoming cemented as a highly efficacious medication, thanks to masses of studies which also suggest the safety of cannabinoids.

Beyond neuropathic pain, CBD oil has been implicated in being effective against pain caused by inflammation and arthritis.

  1. A study (2007), as mentioned above, found that Savitex (including both THC and CBD) improved rheumatoid arthritis pain.
  2. A study (2007) as mentioned above resulted in CBD reducing chronic inflammation in rats.
  3. A study (2014),  indicated that the endocannabinoid system was actively involved in osteoarthritis pain and therefore offered a new route of possible treatment.
  4. A recent study (2017), measured that local administration of CBD oil in rats joins reduced pain and nerve damage in rats with osteoarthritis.
  5. Another study (2015), found that CBD reduced inflammation and pain behaviors in a rat model of arthritis.

Whilst more data is needed to prove the effects in humans, the evidence is suggestive that CBD could be an effective treatment of chronic pain in arthritis conditions. Perhaps more studies and evidence over time will indicate CBD for more general pain relief.


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