Best CBD Gummies

Best CBD Gummies

by in CBD Gummies March 14, 2019

Gummies are a relatively lesser known form of CBD that is rapidly gaining popularity. The huge range of benefits of CBD oil can also be found in this sweet format that is more enjoyable to consume. In addition to the pleasure of eating a gummie, there are some other benefits to ther consumption over CBD oil. They are produced to contain exact amounts of CBD which makes dosing far easier and quicker, in addition to being better for transport.

CBD gummies will still deliver the same effective results as CBD oil to a range of conditions, as well as maintaining non psychoactive properties. Whether you are treating anxiety, depression insomnia, neuropathic pain or any other condition, the potency of the CBD found in the gummies will produce the results you need.

Whenever choosing a purchase a CBD gummie, it is important to check the finer details to be informed of any extra ingredients that may be present. This is primarily to check for any THC content if you do not want any psychoactive ingredients. In reality, any THC included in the formula will be declared in the title of the product, but is best to  be safe than sorry.

This article will take you through the key information you need to know regarding CBD gummies in addition to providing some recommendations.

What are CBD Gummies?

You are probably familiar with traditional gummie bear sweets. They are quite simply what they say on the tin; tasty sweets in the shape of bears. It is a little less known that they can be used to deliver supplements at specific dosages. This goes far beyond CBD to vitamins or skin tanning ingredients.

CBD gummies contain Cannabidiol, a canninbinoid found in marijuana plants that has many positive health benefits. This is especially the case with mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain. To find out more about the conditions that CBD treats, have a browse around this website.

CBD gummies themselves tend to come as typical gummie bear styled sweets, which may vary slightly depending on which brand you purchase from. They can also come in other forms of sweets, such as rings. The gummies taste almost identical to conventional gummies as they are manufactured using the same other ingredients, such as corn syrup, gelatin and starch.

How to take CBD Gummies


The dose of CBD gummies will be the exact same as a dose of CBD Oil, although the form of ingestion may alter the strength of the effect.

CBD gummies are often advertised and sold based on the amount of CBD in the whole jar, in addition per piece. This could be from 200mg up to 3000mg or more. Gummie dosage recommendations tend to be in the ballpark of 5mg to 50mg, depending on what they are being taken for. Each manufacturer is different when it comes doseages. For example, some may have a variety of sweets in worm, circle or bear forms, with each varying in their dosage.

Ultimately there is no one set doseage that will fit every individual and the best approach is start low, around 10mg, and test the effects. You may find a small dose will sufficiently ease your symptoms.

Onset Time

Oral ingestion of CBD gummies takes a  longer time to work than other methods such as smoking, but less than other edibles such as brownies.

Smoking typically takes 10 minutes, or even less, whilst edible gummies will take towards an hour. When initially testing doses it is important to remember this and not take any more doses until you are sure the CBD has peaked its effects.

Duration of Effect

Edible CBD gummies will also have a much longer duration than smoking. This can be towards 4 hours, versus just a couple hours from smoking.

Side Effects

What is understood and proven about the side effects of CBD oil will also apply to gummies. That said, CBD gummies have had very limited research done on their specific side effects. This shouldn’t have any real negative consequence in comparison to other forms of CBD.

CBD side effects are generally uncommon, require very high doses and are manageable when they do occur. A list of potential side effects includes:

  • Mood changes
  • Appetite changes
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

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